Shri K.S.Arvind is an educationist and a man with a vision on a mission of providing quality education, affordable to the student and schools all over India. This mission is being accomplished under the banner of:
MATRUSRI E-POWER(Empowering Education Revolution).

He is also….

The conceptualiser of ELite Kidz -

a pre- school with unique 6Q concept of complete empowerment of a child.

The brain behind revolutionary trendsetting primary education.

It is a complete system comprising of audio-visual teaching modules backed with creative textbooks of primary classes (I-V).

The designer & developer of effective audio-visual teaching method

He has made learning an experience of joy by making the subject come alive on screen by using audio-visual tools.
In fact, Matrusri is the first Institute in India to use audio-visual technology to simplify and make learning more interesting and effective.

The Founder of IIT Foundation in India

He is the one who introduced the concept of IIT Foundation in India for the first time. He has popularized this concept all over India & especially A.P Matrusri IIT Foundation has played a major role in making Andhra Pradhesh, the No.1 state in terms of IIT/JEE results.

Author of excellent IIT Foundation Books

An author of high repute with a rare talent for lucid and simple presentation of even the most complex concepts in Maths, Physics and Chemistry. His unique style of writing creates suspense, thrill, fascination and holds the student spellbound till the last page. He has to his credit a series of creative and innovative books for IIT Foundation. Creative illustration forms the forte of these books. Going through these books makes reading of Science and Maths an experience of joy.

Designer of Innovative & effective learning techniques

For better understanding, long-term retention and quick learning, he has developed the effective learning technique “MICROFILMING”. He has to his credit the magical method of problem–solving called “SAPTAPADI”.

Intellectual Growth & Personality Development Trainer

He is developing Cds and Books on effective learning and intellectual growth.

An inspiring teacher

A passionate teacher whose creative style of teaching kindles imagination and makes the student fascinated about the subjects. His all round excellence as a teacher, author, personality development trainer, innovator of effective teaching methodologies and learning techniques, initiator of mass reaching and affordable education programmes, makes him an eminent educationist, whose expertise is in overwhelming demand all over the country and abroad.

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